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Green Eggs and Hamlet, a Feature for less than $4000

Many people have asked me how we managed to create a feature like this for so little money. This site is currently under construction, but will eventually contain more information about how we pulled it off. We shot the whole production using three Hi8 cameras, one mounted on a SteadiCam JR mount. We edited it on a D-Vision system running on a PC. We got most of the cast from a local university (Caltech) drama department (yes, Rocket Scientists can act. Sort of), and fed them well, so they didn't mind not getting paid. We found crew the same way, in fact most of the cast was also key in the crew. We borrowed many nice props and costumes and knowledgeable people from Theatre Americana, The Community Theater of Altadena. The rest of the costumes I sewed from a super simple pattern, and held together with sashes and other tricks. We recorded sound with a boom feeding into a hi8 deck, and did the sync with D-Vision. We recorded all the post sound, foley, ADR, effects, and score, with a Fostex 4 track, using acoustic instruments and sequences generated on Cakewalk, on a PC. 

I'll add more to this when I think of it. if you have questions, mail them to Mike O'Neal

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