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Green Eggs and Hamlet

"Very imaginative and very funny"

- Kenneth Branagh, world renowned Shakespeare guy.

Green Eggs and Hamlet is the first production of Rock's Eye Productions

Now available on DVD -regular edition, same as the vhs copy, with some restoration work done

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About Green Eggs and Hamlet

This feature length twisted creation is based on Shakespeare's tragedy of almost the same name, but the annoying iambic pentameter has been replaced by a more accessible Dr. Seuss style rhyme. Of course, to capture the plot twists the good Dr.'s story as well, we added a new character, SamIamlet, who interacts with the brooding Prince in many ways I am sure you can imagine. There's drama, suspense, conspiracy, and even a healthy dose of innuendo (thanks to the Bard), and it can all be yours just be replying to the above address with the correct amount of dough. Don't worry, it shouldn't affect your monthly budgeting too much.


Many of our customers have turned out to be High School English teachers, from the Northwest Territories, across the U.S. and in Europe. They have been using our movie in conjunction with teaching the other version of Hamlet. Their students find it a refreshing and easy to understand presentation and a great jumping off point for discussions. Many have been successful in getting their school to foot the bill, as well. 

The screenplay for Green Eggs and Hamlet is now available for educational use.Order Now!

We have had many requests to make the screenplay available. The screenplay is provided for educational uses. If you wish to perfom the work as a stage play please contact us about licensing arrangements.

How We Did It

This feature was produced for less than $4000. This is a pretty impressive feat considering the rising costs of Hollywood these days. To find out more about how we did it, see How we did it

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