Nerve Picnic Samples for Broadcasters

These files are compressed, if you are interested in using any of these, contact us at, and we can send you uncompressed files.  We have thousands of bits like this, so if you are looking for something in particular, send us an email and we can probably set up with what you are looking for.

Factory of Dreams Excerpt
Happy Hour Excerpt
December Traveller Excerpt 1
December Traveller Excerpt 2
December Traveller Excerpt 3
December Traveller Excerpt 4
Factory Rebate
Punching The Clock
Shaky Ground Excerpt
Eaves of Destruction excerpt 1
Eaves of Destruction excerpt 2
House of the Spiraling Moon excerpt
Sonaquarium Phase 1 excerpt
Sonaquarium Phase 2 excerpt
Deep Water excerpt
On the Loose excerpt
Sharp Edges
Flight excerpt
Phalanx of Echoes excerpt 1
Phalanx of Echoes excerpt 2
Piano Voyage
Syndrome Three excerpt 1
Syndrome Three excerpt 2
Resonant Impulse
Orbital Maneuver excerpt
Nerve Endings excerpt

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all tracks Copyright 2005-2006 Nerve Picnic, all rights reserved. 
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