Nerve Picnic

Bio and Description

Nerve Picnic is the music of
Matt Linder/Mike O'Neal/Bill Schaeffer using
Analog Synths/Guitars/Piano/Theremin/Sound Effects/Esoteric Percussion to create a
Spontaneous/Fun/Electric/Ambient  Sensation that is
Experimental/Space Rock/Prog Boogie/Industrial/Trance in nature and designed for the
Conscious/Subconcious/Third Millenium Mind.

Or so they say.

In other words,

Nerve Picnic is:

Music and Noise

Analog and Digital

Loud and Soft

Mechanical and Organic

Sound and Silence

Serious and Silly

Big and Small

Hip and Square

Cool and Hot

Beautiful and Repulsive

There and Back

The Past and The Future

Musical Genius and Idiot Savant

Spontaneous and Planned

Intelligent and Stupid

Necessary and Trivial

The Latest Thing and Already Passé

Plural and Singular

Paper and Plastic.

Tastes Great and Less Filling

Never the same, except when brought around again by the delay



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