We use lots of tools to make our sounds:

Synthethic Instruments and Processors:
Moog Voyager, Moog Theremin, Akai MPC-2000, Emu Prodeus, Roland Juno 106, Juno-2, Mks-50, Sh-101, Sh-32, Korg 01W, Korg Prophecy, N1r, Technics 88 keys, Alesis Air-Synth, Mooger Fooger 12 step Phaser, Lexicon MPX, Pod,Digitech RDS 2001, Dunlap Wah.

Organic Instruments:
Acoustic Piano, Electric Guitars, 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Fretless Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, Bass Guitar

Esoteric Percussion (including but not limited to):
Remo djembe drum, Remo fruit and vegetable shakers, Lawrence Welk Musical Spoons, Hannerhoff Funeral Home three tone whistle, frying pan lid, Hawaiian nose flute, Humanaphone, Chilean Rainstick, rubber balloon, bag of coins, and the warbling bird water whistle, Vibratone, Vibraslap, Flexitone, Zills, Spring Drum, Tamborine, and of course, the udder

Commercial and Homegrown Sound FX, Cubase SX software

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Email us at NervePicnic@yahoo.com